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On-Site Trainings/Certification Programs

Each year Martha Eddy & the CKE faculty conduct trainings for professionals. The goal is to creatively guide professionals to help others to fully enjoy the satisfactions of life, and to experience quicker access to balance even in times of stress. These professional training programs focus on body awareness and use movement as a teaching tool. They can include how to effectively read and respond to body language as well as principles about the positive effects on the brain of learning through movement.

Professional Certifications:

Become a Somatic Movement Therapist.

Somatic Movement Therapy involves working with clients to improve physical function and holistic expression in movement and life. The key goals of Martha Eddy's Dynamic Embodiment Movement Therapy Training (DE-SMTT) are embedded in Eddy's "cycle of intervention" which is a therapeutic model of effecting change in health and lifestyle through observation, support and exploration. Martha Eddy and other renowned faculty teach DE-SMTT through Moving On Center in California, in Massachusetts, and in NYC. Eddy has carefully combined principles of Body-Mind Centering© (BMC) and Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) as well as her own to create a practical approach to individualized therapeutic practice and performance enhancement. This program teaches how to use Eddy's systems of Dynamics of Touch©, Dynamic Movement, Dynamic Health© and Dynamic Embodiment©. Discussion also centers on larger global issues that limit peace and community building, and how to foster creative solutions to engage in community wellness. The DE-SMTT is an approved training program of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association.

DE-SMTT students can also gain academic credits in Somatic Psychology or Interdisciplinary graduate studies if matriculated with Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and the State University of New York/Empire State College.

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visit www.movingoncenter.org/DynamicSMTT
or ismeta.org

Teach Moving On Aerobics(sm) or Body-Mind Dancing(sm).
Certification is available to prepare students to become Moving On Aerobics(sm) instructors, or instructors in Body-Mind Dancing©, Eddy's integrative System of Dance Training. In order to become trained as a BodyMind Dancing© instructor, it is ideal to be certified in Martha Eddy's Dynamic Embodiment DE-SMTT. However, some individuals with extensive background in dance and somatic studies may request to apply. Most notably, a background in Body/Mind Centering© and/or Laban Movement Analysis.

BodyMind Dancing teachers are also usually Moving on Center or Dynamic Embodiment graduates. Other Somatic Movement Therapists interested in the special dance education of Martha Eddy may apply to train. They will be required to develop their background Dynamic Embodiment through classes in Laban Movement Analysis. Training requires specific Phase One DE-SMTT courses, prior training or track record in dance education, attending a minimum of twenty BodyMind Dancing© classes, and participation in teacher training workshops sponsored by Martha Eddy/Moving On Center-East. Instructors must participate in supervised teaching before becoming certified. This is an individualized mentorship program­: readiness for teaching BodyMind Dancing will be assessed by founder Martha Eddy or her advanced instructors.

BodyMind Think Tank
Moving On Aerobics

BodyMind Fitness Certification Training
Somatic Fitness is a program for movement specialists to expand their skills in the rich arena of neuro-muscular retraining. This program offers the next level of education for teachers (i.e. Pilates and Yoga), to build on their expertise to become a movement educator/therapist.


On-Site Trainings
On-site trainings are provided at the request of many organizations. CKE has provided trainings for all kinds of audiences:

  • Educators
  • Therapists
  • Corporate Professionals
  • Movement Professionals
  • Body Language/Non-verbal Communication
  • Body-Mind Awareness/Somatic Skills
  • Community Building Activities
  • Embodying Peace - Conflict Resolution
  • Movement Therapy to Reduce Stress
  • Wellness Coaching for the Whole Team


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