Moving On Aerobics/ Dance Exercise for Breast Cancer and Other Life Goals

Gets you back to moving easily

Martha Eddy uses her expertise as an exercise physiologist, dance educator and somatic movement therapist to create customized group movement programs tailored for particular needs -- from children with asthma, to women living with breast cancer, to older people seeking improved breath and balance. These specialized health programs, led by Eddy and her colleagues and staff, fill the gap between recent advances in testing and treatment for many diseases, and the lack of programs to help you combat the physical and emotional toll that disease takes on your body. Eddy's programs bring renewed vitality to people with:

Eddy incorporates self-awareness (somatic wisdom), cardio-vascular exercise, and dance to deepen the life giving aspects of somatic awareness and aerobic activity in each of her carefully designed programs. Hearing diverse joyous music and being part of a supportive group are key aspects of the uplifting experience of her aerobic dance programs. Deep relaxation is a profound benefit of the somatic awareness programs.

Individuals can also receive personalized movement therapy sessions at CKE. For more info: Individual sessions.

Moving on Aerobics (sm) for people living with breast cancer
Combining dance and movement, Moving on Aerobics provides a gentle but invigorating workout that relieves stress and leaves you energized. Developed by Martha Eddy, Ed.D., this aerobic dance program, designed especially for women who have or who have had breast cancer, is led by members of the Moving On Aerobics Staff. No dance experience is necessary. Participants are recommended to wear comfortable clothing and bring a small towel to assist in upper body stretching.

Moving On Aerobics NYC schedule of classes

Moving On - Breathing Power(sm)
This program, designed for asthmatics or people with cardiovascular disease, combines movement and dance to increase respiratory capacity. It begins with self-awareness exercises, teaches self-modulation of activity for safety and increased respiration, and provides stimulus for greater cardio-pulmonary functioning in a gentle and pleasant environment. Self-reflection and self-modulation are key skills in increasing the body's breathing power.

Programs by Design
Call upon Martha Eddy to design a movement program to address a specific health issue or wellness goal. As an exercise physiologist and somatic movement therapist she uses her unique system "Dynamic Movement, Dynamic Health(sm) to assess and structure effective and exciting protocols.

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